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Student handbook 2.0 for STEM (pdf)



     7th and 8th grade students participate in the STEM program as part of their science curriculum. The Synergistic Lab at St. Thomas has 13 different workstations including Alternative Energy, Flight, Robots, Audio Broadcasting, Computer Graphics and Animation, and Bio-Technology. Each workstation takes about seven classes to complete. Working with a partner, students get hands on

experience doing experiments and projects associated with the workstation topic.

     For example, in Engineering Bridges, students design and build a bridge which is then placed in a testing rig to determine how strong their bridge is. In Flight, students make a wing which is tested with a wind machine to see how much “lift” it generates; in Robots, they program a robot to perform a repetitive task. One of the real strengths of the STEM/Synergistic program is that it exposes students to a wide variety of possible career choices before they get into high school and need to choose a course of study for their college years.

     This year grades 6 & 7 will be participating in the STEM Fair sponsored by the Archdiocese of Newark and Project Engin, the students are all very excited.


Below you will see some preparation taking place for their projects, along with a link to the student handbook for the STEM Program: